Zadig Gatherings
emily • March 29, 2010 •

Chinahay is happy to announce its next 2 gatherings for Easter: The Southern community (GZ-HK-SZ) is gathering and for the occasion, one of the earliest Armenian conquering China, Mr Yercho Samuelian,

Concert Beijing June 6th
emily • March 23, 2010 •

Tigran Hamasyan, the famous Armenian ethno jazz composer/player is giving a concert in Beijing Forbidden City Music Hall on June 6th

Forgotten Dzenoont
emily • March 22, 2010 •

Pictures of the Armenian Xmas comes late but here you are

Hong Kong Pictures
emily • March 07, 2010 •

The picture slideshow is available on Chinahay ! click here for the We enjoyed so much to meet a bunch of new Armenians in HK

World Expo Shanghai
emily • March 01, 2010 •

Looking cool... in 2 months... should we organize something