10 Facts About “Chinahay-2016”, Worth to Know

January 01, 2017
Logo_Chinahay 1. ChinaHay, organized a fundraising campaign as part of global efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of the Artsakh conflict. http://en.aravot.am/2016/07/01/178269/ 2. Armenians from different Chinese provinces gathered on the 24th of April to prove that the Armenian nation with its rich cultural heritage will continue to live and will never forget what happened. Gatherings in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou took place http://armenianweekly.com/2016/04/24/honk-kong-guangzhou-shanghai 3.On May 13 in Tianjin, a concert of Armenian classical music took place. The concert was organized by the project “The Secrets of Armenia” and by ChinaHAY, the Armenian Community of China. http://noravank.am/arm/news/detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=14673&sphrase_id=55526 4. In Fall 2016, Chenchen Wang, a student of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication went to Armenia for studying, majoring in Political Sciences and International Relations. She was the winner of the ChinaHAY-AUA scholarship that was initiated by ChinaHAY in 2015. http://www.noravank.am/eng/news/detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=13867 5.The Armenian Community of China published the 4th edition of its newsletter. It is worth mentioning that it is the only bilingual newsletter ( in Armenian and in English) in the entire Far East... Far from Armenia The Armenian Community of China keeps Armenian language and it has publications in Armenian. http://www.chinahay.com/4/ 6. At the end of Autumn the Armenian Community of China organized cultural celebrations in different Chinese cities: Nanjing, Hong Kong, Changchung, Guangzhou and Shanghai, dedicated to unity of Armenians in China. During these gatherings the dedicated members of the community were granted special Certificates of Honours and Letters of Gratitude by the Executive Committee. The main aims of these gatherings are to preserve Armenian cultural traditions and language and make contacts between compatriots, so that they can support and cooperate with each other. http://www.chinahay.com/the-armenian-community-of-china-celebrates-chinahay-unity-day/ 7.The Third Online Conference of Armenian Researchers and Students in China was held. The goal of the Conference is to help establish contacts between Armenian researchers and students in China, consolidate this major intellectual resource, and optimally present Armenian scientific thought in the Far East. http://asbarez.com/158231/third-online-conference-of-armenian-researchers-students-in-china-a-success 8.The Armenian Community of China and ARMACAD started  cooperation in the field of education. The main aim of this cooperation is implementation of joint academic programs. http://hayernaysor.am/en/archives/218517 9. The Armenian Community of China will deepen  cooperation with Noravank foundation. ChinaHay’s scholars and experts will attend in the process of research in the field of modern geopolitical developments. http://www.noravank.am/arm/seminar/detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=15110 10.The ultimate goal of INDEPENDENT “ChinaHay” is to stand as a fair, democratic and human-centered organization aimed at preserving the Armenian identity http://hayernaysor.am/en/archives/220917 0001(4) 0001(4) 0001(4)
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