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ChinaHay is the official name of the Armenian Community of China. It is made up of two words, with the latter meaning “Armenian”.


Armenians have been traveling, living and working in China for centuries. The ChinaHay initiative began in 2006, when a relatively small group of Armenians, located in Shenzhen and lead by a French-Armenian, Mihran Papazian, came up with the name ChinaHay and decided to organize a social and online platform for Armenians in China. The community has been growing exponentially since its inception. There is currently around five hundred Armenians living in the country, mainly in the cities of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Beijing.

The Community members arrive from everywhere, including France, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Bulgaria, US, England, Russia, Lebanon, Syria, and, of course, Armenia. Armenians, involved in a wide range of activities and sectors, come to China to develop their career. In China, one can meet traders, manufacturers, designers,jewelers, pilots, lawyers, bankers,  researchers, journalists, investment managers, artists, and students of Armenian origin.


The goal of the community is to connect individuals of Armenian descent based in the Greater China region and bring them together with the idea of recreating the community feeling that has always been important to all Armenians across the world. Using technology and the Internet, the Community started getting together in various cities across China.


The community achieved a big milestone in November 2013 with the opening of the Jack & Julie Maxian Hong Kong Armenian Center, which allowed the community to finally have a physical venue in order to meet and hold various events.


We get numerous requests from individuals traveling or moving to China each year. The best way to keep in touch with the Community is to register on the ChinaHay website and/or  join our Facebook page (ChinaHay – The Armenian Community of China).

If you have any particular requests, feel free to send an email to: contact@new.chinahay.com.

If you are a representative of the media, please contact us at: media@new.chinahay.com


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