Ani Margaryan’s present to Armenian Student’s Union and The Armenian Embassy to China

March 26, 2018
Thanks to Ani Margaryan, Armenian traditional garments of Karin or Erzroom region, typical for Erzroom women, finally found a place in the Armenian Embassy in the People's Republic of China. The clothes are handmade, consisting of a blue velvet dress with cotton top, red embroidered apron, handmade headwear and a veil. Garments are made by nowadays artists Taguhi Simavoryan and Alvard Avetisyan. A significant part of Erzroom Armenians after the Armenian Genocide settled in the territory of present-day Georgia, so the traditional clothing of Armenian-populated parts of Georgia, mostly Akhaltsikhe Armenian women, was very similar to the Armenians of Erzroom.

March 2018

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