Armenian traditional dance classes in Beijing

September 27, 2017
Dear ChinaHays,

Armenian Student's Union together with the Armenian Embassy to China organizes Armenian traditional dance classes for all Armenians in Beijing. The classes will be taught by Arman Asryan, who is a member of the “Varq Hayots” Armenian Folk Dance and Song Group.

The primary objectives of this initiative are:

  1. to preserve the Armenian national culture through spreading it among Armenians,
  2. to be able to carry out Armenian National dance performance during various Armenian and international cultural events in Beijing.

Those who are interested should approach the organizers (using the contact information provided in the end of this announcement) and mention which weekday or weekdays from the following list (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday) are more comfortable for them.

The explanations of dances and the instructions of movements can be provided in Armenian, Russian and English should the need arise.

Looking forward to Your responses.

Contact information:

Wechat ID: Araks2014

Telephone: 13001030511.
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