Chinese Central Television CCTV-7 (predominant state television broadcaster) aired two episodes about Armenia

The predominant state television broadcaster of China – CCTV, has broadcasted 2 episodes about Armenia. Reporters of the Chinese TV channel first visited Armenia  in December 2018 and later in June 2019. 

First episode focuses on the famous landmarks and touristic destinations, including Tatev cableway (longest nonstop double-track cableway), wonders of Tatev monastery, precious water of Jermuk, popular Armenian wine, and other natural and historical landmarks all over the Armenia. To watch the episode, follow the link.

Second episode is dedicated to Armenian cuisine. The sweetest Armenian apricots, small strawberries, delicious dried fruits, lavash, baklava, and other traditional delicacies are what was mostly highlighted by the Chinese reporters. To watch the episode, follow the link.