David Hirsch, Librarian of the UCLA, met with the representatives of the Armenian Community of China

September 14, 2016
The purpose of my visit was to seek out traces of the historic Armenian community in Harbin as well as learn more about the activities and publications of the current Armenian diaspora diaspora community in various parts of the country. Following an introduction from UCLA Phd Xi Yang, Maggie and Leon Melkonian welcomed me warmly in Guangzhou, introduced me to their friends from Shenzhen, invited me to amazing restaurants where we conversed in Arabic, Turkish, French and my limited Armenian, etc. They provided me with a copy of the English language Hong Kong Armenian publication and promised to help me find other local Armenian materials. In Harbin i was introduced to Inessa Allahverdyan a young, energetic Chinese speaking Armenian student through the help of Vatche Petrossian. Xi Yang was also able to be in Harbin for a couple of days. The three of us toured around a bit together in downtown Harbin and Xi and I visited the Orthodox cemetery where we found a lone Armenian tombstone in Russian script. Alas we found no trace of the former Armenian church but a historic restaurant sign "Datos" offering Shashlig and other "Caucasian" foods on the main promenade hinted at the historic presence of an Armenian community. I would like to thank Chinahay members for their warm welcome and hope to meet more of you in the future. Tsedesutiwn! David Hirsch Librarian of the UCLA IMG_3912IMG_3913
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