Lectures on Armenian traditional garment in China

October 08, 2017
The Armenian art historian,researcher on the sphere of traditional culture branches modernisation Ani Margaryan from January up to June of 2017 have presented lectures on Armenian traditional garments and Armenian medieval manuscripts illumination art to Chinese audience. The lectures took place at Banhui Design Research Institute,Nanjing Normal University and Sanjiang University. They were held in English and during the lectures Chinese audience had the opportunity to see the samples of Armenian handmade national costumes,accessories and embroidery made by the hands of nowadays Armenian master artists and artisans who revive different branches of local art. The lecturer started the lecture with the short description of RA,mentioning significant historical events and evidences on the  ties of China and Armenia during the era of Silk Road. Afterwards she told the audience the unique features of Armenian taraz (traditional clothing)by represnting old photos and the results of Soviet era researches. The lecture contained the development of taraz nowadays and the research of Margaryan how and why the elements of national costume were being used and transformed by modern artists and fashion designers. The Chinese audience was much interested in the subject,wrote notes on social network platforms and articles as well. Now more and more Universities in China are interested in holding the current lecture among them Suzhou Arts and Crafts College. It is worth to mention that Ani Margaryan earlier presented the same lectures in Armenia,Russia and Lebanon.

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