Message from the President

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Dear friends,

Thank you for your interest in the Armenian Community of China or, as we like to call it, ChinaHay!

The objectives of the Armenian Community of China are to unite and bring together the individuals of Armenian heritage living in China and Hong Kong and to share with the world at large the remarkable history of Armenians in China. We are a community that is totally independent with no religious or political affiliations, built on best in class pillars of independence, transparency and governance and that aims at becoming a role model for any Armenian organization globally.

We have a very active Armenian community in China and Hong Kong, composed of Armenians from all around the world, that is growing very rapidly. We are currently around 600 individuals living mainly across the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Here are some of the projects the community is involved with:

  • Social – we continue to organize frequent events across China and Hong Kong enabling the members of the community to connect. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, in both English and Armenian, aimed at keeping the community posted on the latest events and developments.
  • Cultural – we have partnered with the Armenian Virtual College in order to offer Armenian language and culture classes to the members of the community.
  • Historical – we have partnered with the Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal in launching a fellowship allowing academics to research old Armenian history in China. We hope to publish the results in the coming months.
  • Students – we have launched a students sub-group aimed at bringing the dozens of Armenian students studying in China together.
  • Professional – we have launched an Armenians in Finance in Hong Kong group that enables mentoring and professional networking amongst the members of the community active in the financial industry.
  • Heritage Preservation – we are working very actively in helping the efforts for the preservation of the Armenian Churches and heritage in Singapore, Myanmar and Bangladesh.
  • Pan-Asia Collaboration – we have taken the lead in increasing collaboration between the various Armenian communities across Asia including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India,  Malaysia and Korea.
  • If you have recently moved to China or Hong Kong, please do sign up on our website and join our Facebook group in order to join our next event.

Thank you once again for your interest in our community and please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Warm regards,

Henri Arslanian
President, Armenian Community of China (2014-2016; 2018-present)