The ChinaHay Fundraising has officially launched!

December 15, 2015
Dear ChinaHay friends,

The ChinaHay Fundraising has officially launched! community-fundraising/ chinahay-fundraising-drive/x/ 3699627

The Armenian Community of China has accomplished amazing milestones since we officially launched 2 years ago but we have many exciting projects ahead and we need your support to achieve our goals.

ChinaHay does not charge any membership fees and does not accept any funds from political or other organizations in order to maintain our independence and continue to build our community on the world class principles of independence, transparency and governance.

Our goal is to raise US$ 10,000. 100% of the funds raised will go towards the following:

  • Launch the ChinaHay Scholarship following the MOU we signed with the American University of Armenia where we will cover the travel, healthcare and living costs of at least one Chinese student who decides to pursue graduate studies in Armenia as part of our continuous efforts to build sustainable links between Armenia and China and as a token of appreciation towards our Chinese friends who have been welcoming Armenians for centuries; (60% of proceeds)
  • Cover the translation costs of an upcoming book on Armenian history in China from Armenian to English and English to Mandarin Chinese in order to allow friends across China and all around the world to learn about the impressive but largely unknown Armenian history in China and Asia; (25% of proceeds)
  • Cover the translation and editing costs of our quarterly newsletters ( which we always publish in both English and Armenian as part of our continuous efforts to lead by example in preserving the Armenian culture and language despite our geographical distance. The latest edition just came out  ( (5% of proceeds)
  • Disbursements related to upcoming cultural events to be organized in China to showcase Armenian culture and history and solidify the Armenia-China friendship (5% of proceeds)
  • Cover the disbursements associated with our annual legal and audit filings as well as website maintenance fees. (5% of proceeds)
Please remember that ChinaHay does not have any overhead expenses as we rely on the work of volunteers to run the community as well as pro bono partners.   Our goal is not only to reach the above US$10,000 target but to significantly exceed it. Also, our aim is to have at least 65% of the ChinaHay community members donate regardless of the amount to demonstrate the grassroots strength of our community in China so a US$10 donation is equally important as a US$1,000.   Thank you once again for your support!

The Executive Committee of the Armenian Community of China

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